Soaring High Productions - Who are We?

A Talent Production Company specializing in theatrical productions and self-publishing services.

Most of you that know me (Ms. Vickie L. Evans) – know that I have written several plays – I wrote my first play, “Christians Don’t Act Like That!” in 1991. All of my plays have a message of hope, redemption, and raise awareness to a personal or global social challenge that many of us face or know someone who is or has faced such as domestic violence, homelessness, and relationship issues. My next project/play will deal with abortion and its affects on both parties (male and female) and the society as a whole.

What you may not know is that I have personally funded ALL of my productions, either with my own funds and with donations from my closest friends. With those donations and funds we have successfully produced seven runnings since 2007, without investors. Our most successful stage play, “A Change Is Gonna Come”, which raises awareness to domestic violence has appeared at several venues to include a national theatre in Washington, DC – which was very costly. Yet, we met our goal. In 2013, A Change Is Gonna Come was the only stage play to sell-out with on-line sales prior to the DC Black Theatre Festival, which it was featured.

The need for raising awareness to domestic violence has escalated in the last few years and it is increasingly important that we all raise our voice as a way of intervention, not only for our personal lives but as a community as a whole. 1 in 3 women experience domestic violence in some way – whether verbal, financial, spiritual, or physical. I am an advocate for life – and I have spoken VERY LOUDLY using theater an other mechanisms. Why? Because I am a child witness survivor of domestic violence. I dealt with it most of my life.

I believe that my plays are not just entertaining but life-changing. I, along with my actors, have received several accolades – I have two best director awards, two best actress awards, two best actor awards, one best supporting actor and one best supporting actress. But none of these can compare to the countless testimonies that have been shared concerning how the realistic depiction of my plays either mirrored their lives or changed their lives in some way.

So why am I sharing all of this? In recent years, due to economic and personal changes, it has been increasingly difficult to fund and produce my stage plays. In addition, I quit my job in 2008, to dedicate my life to fulfilling this mission fulltime. For the last 7 years, I have been working tirelessly to produce, direct, promote and fund my stage plays. I believe it would be a shame to silence the voice of awareness through dramatization due to a lack of cash flow. So, I have come up with a plan that will help us solicit government funds. All of my plays have been produced under the umbrella of my for profit business, Soaring High Productions. My plan is to establish a 501-C(3) non-profit organization, Performing Arts and Literary Society (PALS).

First let me say, that PALS has already operated as a non-profit affliate under the umbrella of another non-profit organization, United Charitable Funds in Washington, DC. In 2012, we produced “A Change Is Gonna Come” in Charlotte, NC at Central Piedmont Community College under Performing Arts And Literary Society. The benefits and cost savings were tremendous because the non-profit rate was significantly lower than the for profit rate. Not only that, it gave our contributors a tax break.

In addition, the non-profit standing would allow us to apply for government grants which will be a tremendous asset to the continuation of our mission to raise awareness and find solutions to social injustices. Theater is a great tool to garner support in an appeasing way. Many are willing to open dialect to talk freely about issues after an eye-opening dramatization.

It would cost me $1,000 to establish Performing Arts And Literary Society as its own standalone 501-C(3) non-profit organization. I am asking your assistance in accomplishing this feat. It is for a worthy cause.
We can accomplish this feat in many ways: 1) 10 people could donate $100. 2) 20 people could donate $50 and so on and so on! Whatever it takes, know that you would have contributed to a good cause - whatever amount is welcomed.

Please join me in securing a future for my stage plays. If you check my website and my YouTube Page Vickie L. Evans, you will see several videoclips of stage plays I have written, directed and produced under the Heading "A Change Is Gonna Come" (there are 43 clips) and under "The Gift". I also have a Facebook page Soaring High Productions.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Vickie L. Evans
Producer, Award-Winning Director,